Recommended and Evidence-Based Resources

Postpartum Support International (PSI) Warmline–  1-800-944-4773  (Caring support and links to community resources)

Deschutes County Maternal Mental Health  Drop-in Mental Health Support Mondays from 1-3pm 2577 NE Courtney Dr Bend

Nursing Mothers Counsel-503-282-3338 (Helps mothers and their babies enjoy a relaxed and happy feeding relationship)

Infant Risk– 806-352-2519 (Is your medication safe for your breastfed baby?  Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST)

Evidence Based websites: great info for breastfeeding families. Your first stop online when looking for answers to all your breastfeeding questions:                        

Video tutorial on hand expressing your breastmilk:

Oregon-specific info on your legally protected rights when returning to work:

Resources for Tongue and Lip Ties

We have a good amount of local support and knowledge about restricted oral structures. Please contact an IBCLC or attend one of the many breastfeeding support groups available in our area if you suspect your baby might have a tight tongue or upper lip.  Resources for oral restriction:

Low Milk Supply:

Suspecting that you aren’t making enough milk is extremely common, but usually can be worked out. At your first sign of concern reach out for lactation assistance.  To protect your milk supply, avoid giving supplementary bottles until you have spoken with a lactation professional unless advised to do so by your doctor.        

Resources for low milk supply:        

Pumps and Insurance: Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, all insurance plans currently cover pumps, even OHP. Contact your doctor to order if you think you will need one.

Milk Donation: St. Charles collects donations for the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank.    Visit for more information on becoming a donor.